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Investment strategy

The strategic goal of BRODE Capital is creation and management of the well-diversified portfolio of healthcare companies which successfully meet the needs of current population by offering products and services using new diagnostic and therapeutic methods.


BRODE Capital identifies investment opportunities with a long term, steadily growing potential to offer products and services in the areas of healthcare, pharmacy and healthy lifestyle. The demographic development of the last thirty years confirmed the trend of population ageing, which is driven by rising life expectancy and declining fertility rates. The growing life expectancy stimulates the demand for new diagnostic and therapeutic methods which creates new market opportunities for the healthcare companies. The providers of new healthcare products and services are usually active in quite conservative market segments with a small or moderate but stable and long-term capital growth. The market entry to these segments is relatively complicated mainly due to the high initial investment costs and strict regulatory and professional requirements. Very interesting benefit of investing in healthcare companies is also their zero or low dependency of the demand their products and services on the economic cycle.                 


BRODE Capital investments are made through acquisitions of companies or its majority stakes.


The preferred investment horizon is 6 to 10 years.